The project the other self, the agency for outsourced life, deals with the future of work, with automation and with a constantly changing lifestyle. What will we human work and need it the future?

The service industry is undergoing enormous change and the demand for more support and replacement in everyday life situations is increasing.

More and more people cannot or do not want to spend the time to complete certain tasks and can afford to outsource. It is a sign of time prosperity to outsource and to pass it on to a working person or machine.
Resulting from all this needs new employment niches in the service sector will develop to attain more benefits. 
For an easier, better and faster life.
The other self agency is an online platform where fictitious services are offered. Human service staff "agents" adapt their services to the emotional needs of people.
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Other-self-agency @ Republica 2019 - Performance
The customer can give up uncomfortable tasks or receive on-site support, by buying himself time, pleasure or advantages. The sometimes bizarre and deterring scenarios on the website show everyday moments in a not so distant fiction, in which one or the other visitor can find oneself. This project aims to address the question of how human behavior could change through intensive use of outsourcing services.

Other-self-agency @ Essence 2018 - career test - performance - social study
Antenna conference @ Dutch design week-Eindhoven (speaker & exhibition)
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