In the future, when internet algorithms affect the human-to-human and human-to-machine interaction and relationship, is there a possibility that people will lose their ability to operate and function on their own? 
This mask enables the transmission of the internet algorithms onto the controlled human being. The new communication mask expands possible algorithmic recommendations from the internet to the real, physical world - from product suggestions to actual human interactions. 
The aim of this project is to contradict the social connectivity through digital devices which trigger and cause the loss of spontaneous face-to-face communication skills. Could this development lead to a totalitarian and holistic digitalisation of human intercommunication? When will humans lose the ability to use gestures and facial expression effectively? If we rely solely on an algorithmic support, can these tasks then only be performed using mechanical prostheses? Will people want to wear the mask as a jewelry, because just then they can still feel? Would people be proud to have access to human gesture and want to wear it as the moste precious jewelry? 
coop. Johanna Riedl & Anna-Lea Trampisch
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