This workshop investigates the barriers and the height differences that evolve if Grandparents and Grandchildren play with each other. By living apart, Grandparents and Grandchildren can interact with computer-mediated communication (CMC) support and thereby use the technical solution benefits. As earlier findings of the workshop series exposed, intergenerational play often occurs on different physical levels. Grandparents explained that when physically present, they always need to sit on the floor to play with their Grandchildren. The children inhabit their play world on the ground and invite the adults to sit, lay or linger with them. Some Grandparents mentioned that playing on the floor can keep them fit, but it also comes with difficulties due to possible limited mobility or discomfort that Grandparents may experience. In contrast to the play on the floor, Grandparents can interact remotely at the table with their grandchildren sitting somewhere else on the ground. The here presented workshop ‘Play on two levels’ was conducted only with children and had two primary purposes: (1) to investigate how children inhabit the floor as their playground and if they invite adults into their world; (2) to examine in which ways grandparents and children can play together remotely on two height levels supported by CMC. 
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